I Believe in Unity

If we help with “basic needs” we can prevent “welfare dependency”. No progress is possible without shelter, food and clothing.

By supplementing these basic necessities, people have the ability to pay their rent and utilities. Then, they are able to move their lives forward. The Unity Shoppe also teaches volunteers office and computer skills, merchandising, inventory control and customer relations as we prepare people for future job opportunities.

Nearly 18,000 people are referred yearly by more than 300 non-profit agencies, churches, schools and hospitals. By providing a central distribution facility available to all non-profits we can eliminate duplication and save countless dollars.  This makes it possible to help more people with better and more consistent support services.

Unity Shoppe operates a year-round “Free” grocery and clothing store so people can shop with dignity for their basic needs. Over 1,700 volunteers help a small staff of 15. Over $2 Million in merchandise is distributed annually.

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